Ted Stalets Domain Nesteggs

Ted Stalets was born in Pana, Illinois. He received a masters degree in mass communications from the University of Illinois before spending a corporate career with the music company – Baldwin Piano. From the time of his first Radio Shack TRS80 computer in the late 1970s, he has developed a deep respect for the evolving computer revolution, and more recently, the Internet/VR/AI revolutions. An avid futurist, Ted has developed several hundred websites featuring various emerging technologies geared toward the non-technical person. He served as literary agent for Rescue Plan for Planet Earth (since retitled as World Democracy through a global referendum). Ted developed a portable voting booth for the global referendum initiative, allowing the ballot form located at our home page to be multiplied many times over – throughout the Internet. He has recently coordinated the ability to make the voting ballot available on smartphones across the planet – in 65 languages. Ted serves as president of Vote World Parliament and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. His hobby is promoting emerging technology domain names to businesses wanting to access "top of mind" generic search terms matching their market offerings.